All services are delivered from one of our 2 computer halls located in Stockholm or Kramfors. With the 40 mile highway between the halls, we have the full geographic spread available to deliver to those customers who want to guarantee operation in a disaster scenario. Between the halls we have 20 gbps of redundant fiber and of course we have ISPs at each end.

The main site is equipped with galvanically separated electrical systems with 2N redundancy levels. This also includes separate transformers, switchgear and UPS in each system. 2N redundancy means that the systems are 100% separated all the way, i.e. 2 individual systems that are redundant for each other. Although a system has a total loss, there is still a system that is dimensioned for the entire load. All racks receive 2 power supplies, one from the respective system, so-called. A + B current. In addition to the PDUs in the rack, the cooling system is also protected in the same way.

UPS and Diesel
Our UPS system is designed to handle the entire hall under full load for 10 minutes including cooling system. The UPS also filters the power from the backbone network to ensure a smooth and fine sinusoidal curve for the equipment. If the AC power is lost, the diesel generator starts up and provides full capacity of 20-30 seconds to the UPS. The diesel generator can be fueled during operation and from the start there is fuel for 12 hours. Every month, the diesel generator is tested to ensure the functionality of a power failure. Test protocols are established after each run.

Monitoring takes place with motion-enabled video camera 24/7, 365 days a year. All storage is done off site and 3 month recorded movie is stored. All access to the hall is done with access cards logged through a monitoring system that also logs (and digs) information from ex. diesel, UPS, switches and cooling systems, etc. Hallen shields are classified according to protection class 3. Within the computer center there are several different fire zones whose walls can withstand fire for 60 minutes. The distance to the nearest fire station is 3 km. A HI-FOG extinguishing system is available in all spaces. The system analyzes the air and responds to smoke and fire. When the system dissolves, the air is filled with a very finely divided, deionized water vapor that extinguishes fire without destroying equipment in the hall.

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