As specialists in computer networks, we have a wide range of scalable infrastructure related services. Common to our range is that you get a guaranteed secure connection with the capacity your business needs. We will assist you with the installation and can also monitor the connection (even outside of the computer halls) so that our emergency organization gets an alarm at any time. downtime.

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We deliver fiber services of up to 10gbps, especially in the Stockholm area, but also outside. With your own fiber you get extremely low latency to the computer hall. The connection is perceived as if the network were local, i.e. The equipment placed in the computer hall will respond very quickly and as a customer you get the security as it means that the IT environment is handled professionally without losing any speed. Of course you can also pick up your internet connection at the same connection via our redundant internet connection in the computer hall and then get at least 1GBPS bandwidth.

With an MPLS link, you get a connection with 10, 100 or 1000 mbps capacity between one (or more) locations and our computer hall. The connection is ordered as an end point (the other end is always one of our computer halls) and you can also pick up multiple endpoints, for example, to bind multiple offices on the same network and share the resources available in the computer hall. Of course, you can also enter the internet connection on the same connection.



IPSEC is the industry standard for so-called site-to-site VPN tunnels. With an IPSEC tunnel, your office gets an encrypted connection to the computer hall. The traffic that goes to the hall is automatically encrypted at one end and decrypted in others, completely transparent to the user. With an IPSEC tunnel, you can use existing internet connection as a carrier of the tunnel and can therefore get started quickly. Of course, the tunnel at our end is redundantly set with failover between 2 different endpoints. At the end we are likely to deliver the service to existing equipment. If this does not work, we offer you a solution tailored to your claim.

If you need to reach your system outside the office (eg home or via mobile), the client-vpn service fits well. This is a solution that is delivered per user and with which you create a temporary tunnel to the computer hall in order to reach resources within the firewall. We use PPTP which is a technology with very broad support among devices such as ex. Windows and OSX-based computers and smartphones.


Private VLAN

Are your requirements for security such that you do not trust a locally installed firewall or want to be able to run your solution on your own network in the computer hall, we deliver your own VLAN. A Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) is a method of encapsulating certain virtual or physical switch ports (portals) in a very own environment that can only be accessed through a firewall that can filter traffic to them. If you want multiple VLANs (eg DMZ and back net), we can of course arrange it.

We collaborate with leading wireless network manufacturers and have long experience of setting up WLAN that delivers the performance needed in your workplace. 500 simultaneous users? No problem. The solution is linked to a cloud-based service that gives us insight into how your network works and enables us to help remotely.



Our standard firewall solution is fully redundant and scalable. We handle the solution, which guarantees functionality. You only need to know what services will work and we will solve the rest. Release the security risks it involves managing your own firewall and let’s solve it for you instead. The actual firewall operation is of course included and is 100% transparent to you.

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