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Your mission – our responsibility

Based on our state of the art range of cloud-based products and professional services, we want to give your company the technical weight that is required to lift your business to the next level.
Services Services
Our offer consists of scalable standard services with very high reliability. Start at the entry level appropriate for you with a single product, or go with a highly customized solution. In both cases we supply heavy expertise and backed by one of the markets best uptimes.
Processes Processes
The diversity of our customers place high demands on our internal processes. We do constant development of our internal systems and work according to a highly customized ITIL-inspired process. This is one of the cornerstones of our commitment to provide our customers with the best possible business benefits.
Commitment Commitment
For us it is obvious that our success is directly linked to our customers’ success of business. We strive to create customer value in all we do. Trough close cooperation we try to always be accessible and responsive to our customers’ current and future needs.
Contact Contact
With us as provider you have access to one of the markets most accessible support- and operating organization. We at Levonline do our utmost to ensure that our customers succeed in their business and therefore want to make ourselves available to help and to advise.

Our services

By combining elements from our products and services we can offer a very specific, highly redundant and scalable IT environment that can be completely customized to your liking. Our approach is based on guiding you to the solutions you need today with a clear plan for how your solution then scales as your business grows. Obviously everything we deliver is highly redundant andsuited for your specific scenario. You also have access to professional help via our support and consulting organizations.

If you have a business, we can help you realize it.

Cloud Hosting
The foundation of all of our services is our powerful, scalable and highly redundant operating platform.
Our network services enable you to run your very own powerful and secure environment in and outside the data center.
Consulting services
Our consultant team is always ready for any questions that you can not handle in-house. We can also help you on the spot.
Operational Services
Move the operation of an application to us. On purchase, you get all underlying layers of complexity included in the service.
Let us take care of your entire IT environment. You will notice that it will be working better than ever.
Highly automated and supported standard services related to the operation of the websites and email.


Our ambition is to always deliver customer value and customer satisfaction in everything we do. Below are some of our customers who are building their business on an operational solution from Levonline.
”Jag vill framföra att IT-tjänsten från er är precis så felfri och stabil som vi hoppades på när vi gick över till Levonline”
Linda Holmberg – VD
 Weurlander & Skarp
Linda Holmberg – VD
 Weurlander & Skarp,
"Levonline hjälpte oss att designa om vår driftmiljö, det har sparat oss pengar och gjort vår site snabbare och bättre."
Jacob Rastad – CTO Outnorth
Jacob Rastad – CTO Outnorth, Microsoft

This is Levonline

We always value reliability in all areas of our business, and all our services are fully redundant.
We are open and clear in our dialogue and sales process to create long-term trust with our customers.
We are constantly working to improve our offer, but above all we deliver a product we are proud of.
Levonline has existed since 1993 and has very long and extensive experience in the hosting industry.
Our support and operating organization consists of individuals with expertise in numerous areas.
We see our commitment from the customer’s perspective and with the customer’s business as a base.


Please contact us for an informal discussion about your IT needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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