Certain missions fall outside the scope of commissioning. In order to be a comprehensive IT service provider, we have a consultant with many years of experience in designing, designing and implementing IT services ready to assist you with change work and re-implementation as well as on-site assistance.

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We work with implementation and change work of / with your coughing commitment with us. We can help you solve problems that arise with your application or installation, and also propose and implement new solutions that meet your requirements with minimal interference on your part. Together we have a very broad knowledge base as well as a large amount of experience and can undertake assignments in most areas.

We have several developers who can help you build a fully customized system. We have long experience of development in several rapid development frameworks and can build custom applications according to your requirement very quickly.



Do you need help with your office IT? Our consultants will visit and become resources for your employees. We usually also see a lot of improvement potential and, of course, do not hold it for ourselves. Our goal is always that IT should be one business and its employee’s greatest asset and will not give us until it’s a reality for all of your company.

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