One of the cornerstones of your IT procurement will be the question of the division of responsibility between your organization and the supplier you choose to entrust your business is likely to be the most business critical feature. Our starting point is always to design the operating solution from the customer’s perspective. This means that regardless of whether you have access to heavy-duty skills in-house and just want to get rid of routine tasks or completely want to avoid all the elements of IT to focus on your core business, we can help you find the solution you need. We handle daily IT operations for customers with business areas such as e-commerce, streaming, application services or web hosting, and we have a very broad knowledge base among our operating staff as well as a deep insight into the operating environment that is under service.

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The term “managed server” is widely distributed within the hosting industry and can realistically mean, in principle, anything. We believe in clarity and transparency, and it is of the utmost importance that you as a customer understand exactly what is part of our commitment so that reality also complies with your expectations.

Our offer is therefore built up of concrete features that together constitute a holistic commitment but delivered individually to allow you to determine which level is the right one for your situation.

We take care of the alarm from surveillance 24/7, 365 days a year without any interference from you. We report via our system that also logs all events. In this way, we build a dynamic knowledge database for your operating environment.



We update (patches) is the operating environment to ensure that the latest updates for the installed software are installed. In today’s climate, this is of particular importance because security holes are detected all the time and running an unmodified system can be associated with very high security risks.

For those customers who want the opportunity to speak with call-taking technicians by phone, we offer that possibility. We have technicians who work 24/7, 365 days a year with SLA set-up times and are always available by phone. During office hours, the call number is also given priority to the pro support, the branch of support that focuses on customers with SLA and, in turn, can escalate directly to technicians.



Backup is a key feature to ensure continuity in operations.

Regardless of the degree of redundancy and reliability of our systems, ex. Human error is the cause of data loss. Our backup service is powered by Veeam software industry leader in backup of virtual machines. In all cases, we take backup on the entire virtual instance, i.e. All files and all data will be guaranteed on the backup.

Veeam works through a method called reverse incremental, which means we only backup changes since last backup but that the latest backup is always full dump. This means that it is quick to backup, which is extremely important because the biggest problem with backup was historically that even if backup exists, it is not always running or interrupted. All backup is stored off site, i.e. in a computer hall other than where the operation takes place, for example, to survive in an explosion.

Reset can be done at file level or on the entire machine. If you want to restore the entire machine, we can also boot the VMWare instance with the backup as storage (which means, in principle, immediate reset of one or more instances).

Monitoring is a key feature to ensure continuity in operation.

In all cases we supervise those parts of the operating environment that we have direct responsibility for both internal and external (independent) monitoring systems linked to our operations. Through our surveillance, you can get information about how your systems are over time, as well as email / SMS alerts if something would probably not work. We can basically monitor any parameters and can guide you to find a setup that works optimally.


Application Hosting

If your business is based on an application of some kind, operation is likely to be very important to your business. The downtime of the application means that the company (which operates on the web 24/7, 365 days a year) closes down which can cost a large amount of money.

Application management is for you who, without running your own organization, want to relax in the knowledge that any operational issues can be handled, no matter what it is.

The concept is simple; Together we define the parameters for what constitutes the application. These can be standard services such as a database and a web-based application or something completely custom-built. We propose monitoring key parameters and establish clear documentation about your system. Therefore, when the responsibility is moved to us, we have below the parameters available in our system;

1. Monitoring, intimidated to identify all possible. problem.
2. Documentation of common problems as well as application design.
3. Contact routes to your key personnel, broken down by type as well as priority.

Our call organization utilizes the above resources to identify and solve problems, preferably proactively but at worst in case of alarm. In addition, we always fill in all 3 areas in case we discover that something is missing.

Obviously, you get clear feedback as soon as we do something so that during office hours you can understand what’s happening to the operating environment. This will automatically happen to the e-mail addresses that are registered as soon as something happens (when all incidents are logged by operating technicians) or through special operating meetings.

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